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Humber Zero will benefit the community, the climate and the economy

The Humber region is a critical centre for UK industry. It is also home to 850,000 people. The intelligent way to manage climate change is to create balance. We need greener energy, plus effective industry. Humber Zero will enhance a thriving community and significantly reduce levels of greenhouse gases being emitted to the atmosphere.

This is a major project to benefit the Humber and the UK.

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A dual approach to decarbonisation

The UK has ambitious carbon reduction targets and carbon capture will be essential to meeting those ambitions as part of wider efforts to tackle CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

Humber Zero will tackle decarbonisation in two ways, using both pre-combustion and post-combustion carbon capture. It will be one of the ways the Humber Industrial Cluster reduces the amount of CO2 it emits to the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas.

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