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Engineer Karina’s hopes for Humber Zero

Innovation and a chance to play a key role in a major decarbonisation project were driving factors in Karina Castaneda, from Colombia, joining Humber Zero.

The Chemical Engineer, who has been in the UK seven years, joined in July from OGCI Climate Investments, where she supported the technical and commercial development of the Net Zero Teesside Project in its early phase.

She has more than 12 years’ experience in the upstream oil and gas industry.

Karina (pictured) joined Humber Zero, a partnership between Vitol’s VPI Immingham combined heat and power plant and Phillips 66 Humber Refinery, as a project engineer.

“We urgently need to deliver a world with cleaner air and lower greenhouse emissions,” she said.

“To be able to achieve this, deployment of Carbon Capture Storage is essential.

“I believe Humber Zero is one of the greatest opportunities to make this happen. The project is well positioned and has the ability and experience to become the first net zero carbon industrial cluster.”

Karina said Humber Zero would open opportunities for innovation.

“It will encourage other countries to learn and replicate.

“For the younger generation and future engineers, this will become part of the engineering education programmes.

“Humber Zero will create high tech jobs in the North of England to level out with the rest of the UK.”

Its main challenge, as a ground-breaking project, is to demonstrate its technical and commercial viability.

“Time is of the essence. This is the only opportunity to achieve the Net Zero targets set by the UK Government.

“Projects like Humber Zero are critical to fight climate change and move towards the energy transition.

“Delivering Humber Zero will accelerate the deployment of CCS projects and encourage a virtuous circle of green investments.”

Being part of Humber Zero is one of the most exciting challenges in her career.

“This is a meaningful job. I am proud to say that we contribute to the environment and help make the planet a better place.

“I also enjoy getting involved with the whole industry from engineering developers, technology suppliers, energy traders and the UK Government.”

Karina has worked for major oil companies such as Petrobras Colombia, where she was a process engineer, designing and delivering solutions including feasibility studies and front-end designs for onshore field developments.

Karina, who also has a Masters in Project Management, loves London’s diversity and its cosmopolitan feel.

“I love doing nature walks with my family.

“Luckily, I live near gorgeous parks and green spaces such as Hampstead Heath and Highgate Woods.

“This year, I have had the opportunity to explore and enjoy more of these places and see the changes throughout the seasons.

“I love the amount of beautiful green places around the UK from national parks such as the Lake District to the lochs of Scotland and the beautiful coastline.

“Living in the UK has rewarded me by having a multicultural family, working with people from more than 20 different countries and boosting my professional career.”



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