Hydrogen for energy

Hydrogen will become an increasingly important source of energy in years to come and we expect to see the development of a hydrogen economy in the UK and globally.

Hydrogen production is a major part of the Humber Zero project and it is planned to produce up to more than 170,000 tonnes annually. This will happen at a brand new facility adjacent to the current VPI Immingham power station. It will provide decarbonised electricity for industry and up to a million homes.

This will  initially be “blue” hydrogen but we will be looking to develop green hydrogen once the technology to do that is more developed.


One of the gas turbines at the 1.2GW VPI Immingham power plant will be converted to run on hydrogen. This means that with the carbon capture taking place on the gas-fired generators, the power station will provide low carbon electricity to business and domestic premises.

The UK Government has set out its plans for to develop a hydrogen economy through the first ever UK Hydrogen Strategy which will be a fundamental component of achieving a deep decarbonisation of the national economy.

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