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About Humber Zero

Humber Zero is a project to decarbonise industry at scale in and around the Immingham area on the south bank of the Humber in North Lincolnshire. It involves hydrogen production and carbon capture utilising new technology.

The project will see investment in excess of £1 billion in developing the carbon capture phase of the project, with further investment expected in additional stages of the project to exceed £2 billion.

Our location

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The Humber region is home to a large number of industries, which are vital to support tens of thousands of local jobs plus many more in the extended supply chain. This industry is also a major contributor to both the local and national economy, supplying everyday goods from petrol to construction materials, metals and plastics, chemicals and food to name but a few.

The Humber employs large numbers of people in these sectors, with around 60,000 people employed in manufacturing alone. It is the largest industrial hub in the UK and emits more CO2 than any other UK industrial cluster – up to 50 per cent more than the next largest.

By decarbonising, Humber industry will be able to remain competitive with other similar industries around the world who have also embraced decarbonisation. As a result it will continue to thrive, supporting tens of thousands of jobs in the region.

How it will work

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Capturing Carbon

Post-combustion Carbon produced from industry and from power generation will be captured before it is emitted to the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas.

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Hydrogen for Energy

Hydrogen will be essential for cleaner energy in the future. Humber Zero has plans for large-scale hydrogen production, with up to 173,000 tonnes each year, powering industry and up to one million homes

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Investment Partners

UKRI and Humber Zero