Why Humber Zero?

Humber Zero is uniquely placed to achieve large-scale decarbonisation in the wider Humber.

Humber bridge
  • A blueprint for decarbonisation

    A model for decarbonisation that can be replicated globally, creating low-carbon industrial hubs around the world.

  • Significant impact on carbon emissions within next few years

    Decarbonising a key cluster of existing industry, immediately reducing carbon emissions in the area.

  • Future proofing highly skilled, local jobs

    Ensuring a place for industry in a low carbon economy and creating opportunities within new technologies.

  • Clean energy production

    intending to create enough hydrogen to power over a million homes.

  • Coastal location

    Strategic portside location in the centre of infrastructure vital to decarbonising the region.

  • Experienced investment partners

    World class investment partners with the experience to deliver large-scale impact.